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SawMaster offers an extensive collection of diamond blades and tools (e.g. crack chasers, profile wheels, grinding wheels, and core bits) to complement their line of saws and the saws of other manufacturers. Their collection of blades is as varied in purpose as they are in quality. They have everything from economy sinter blades to premium laser-welded segmented blades to fit a variety of budgets and applications.


Diamond Blades and Tools

Continuous Rim Diamond Blades
Continuous rim diamond blades are used on a wide range of applications, including, but not limited to, ceramic tiles and stone wall tiles. These thin profile blades allow fast, precision cuts to go through target materials smoothly and, more importantly, chip-free for quality, professional results. They are available in a variety of sizes and are capable of either dry or wet cutting, depending on job requirements.
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Turbo Rim Diamond Blades
Turbo rim diamond blades utilize an unique turbo wave pattern rim which facilitates the passage of fresh air through the rim, resulting in superior cooling efficiency for fast cutting and jam-free operation. The use of high concentration synthetic diamonds, along with a medium-hard to hard bonding system, ideal for the intended applications, ensure long-lasting performance with unrelenting ease of cut.
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Laser Weld Segmented Diamond Blades
Segment blades that utilize laser weld technology to bind the segments to the steel core ensure operator safety and blade durability; provide the flexibility to perform dry cutting operations; and serve as a cost-effective alternative to other bonding systems. The segment design allows adequate cooling during operations to extend cutting periods in between resting intervals, which results in better overall productivity. Due to the abrasive nature of the intended applications, these segment blades are also available with a variety of undercut protection devices to deliver lasting performance.
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Pro Series Laser Weld Segmented Diamond Blades
Professional Series segment blades are specialized blades, designed to a cut a specific aggregate on a machine with particular specifications as determined by the consumer. Each blade is made to order to conform with his job requirements, guaranteeing optimal cutting performance and maximum blade life utility. In addition, all Pro Series blades use laser-weld technology to ensure that they operate properly and efficiently during harsh dry cutting operations and to promote operator safety.
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Segmented Diamond Blades
Segment blades utilize a variety of methods to bond the diamond segments to the steel core. Laser welding is one such method and is by far the most favored by professionals. However, for small projects typically assumed by "Do-It-Yourself" (DIY) users, more economic bonding systems such as silver solder and sinter may be preferable due to their low initial investment. The segments of these blades can also be used in its entirety, which results in a lower cost-per-cut. The trade-off is that these blades must always be used with proper water cooling.
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Diamond Tools
Diamond tools cover a wide range of accessories used on table and handheld saws that are not considered continuous rim blades or turbo rim blades or segment blades. These tools typically do not perform cuts per se, but rather profile, clean, contour, or, otherwise, put the finishing touches on a material that has already been cut to the required dimensions. Diamond tools are, in one form or another, a vital instrument in creating professional results.
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Core Bit Diamond Tools
SawMaster's assortment of core bits are the product of precision engineering and quality manufacturing. From tile to stone to concrete, these core bits are available for virtually every application required by professional tile installers and contractors alike. Each core bit is designed for optimal performance on its respective application to guarantee quick, smooth, and accurate corings with professional results.
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Polishing Pads
The PP Series Polishing Pads are pliable for use on both flat and contoured stone surfaces. The pads are available in a variety of grit sizes, which when used in sequence, produce incredibly polished finishes. For easy grit size identification, the backs of the pads are color coded.
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