550 Classic Scaffold


550-CL Perry Scaffold One person can assemble the 550 Classic scaffold quickly without tools. Holes on both sides of end frame make it easy to adjust platform heights in 4 in. increments in a matter of seconds.

The 24" Wide End Frame Access Ladders, allows the 550 Classic scaffold to roll through narrow places and doorways without dismantling and provides safe access to work platforms.
Freight Paid in the continental US.

550-CL Models

550-CL Baseplate Baseplate 550CL Silverline Caster 5" Silverline Locking Caster PIC-5 Caster 5" Locking Caster

550-CL/PBP 54 5/8" Ladder, 5' Platform and Trusses with base plates
551-CL/PC5B-S 55 5/8" Ladder, 5' Platform and Trusses with 5” Silverline Locking Caster
552-CL/PIC-5 56 5/8" Ladder, 5' Platform and Trusses with 5” Locking Caster

550-CL Specifications

  • UPS Shippable, shipping weight 108 lbs.
  • Non stackable
  • 2 ft. wide x 5 ft. long x 5 ft. tall with casters
  • Large 1,305 sq. in. platform surface
  • Load capacity 750 lbs.

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