MK Diamond

The TX Blade Series have a 1" arbor that differentiates them from typical wet cutting tile blades available in the market. Please note: standard 5/8" Arbor Tile Blades will NOT Fit the TX-3 tile saw.
MK Diamond’s line of tile saws and diamond blades are engineered for versatility, durability, and the precision cutting of tile and marble. Whether you are a Do-it-yourselfer, Contractor or Tile Professional, MK Diamond has the tools to get the job done right.


TX Series Tile Blades

TX-20 Tile - Premium

TX-20 provides dependable performance and long life when cutting ceramic tile and marble.
Rim Height 7mm

  • 10" (254mm) .060" 1" 166966
TX-30 Porcelain Tile

TX-30 offers a thicker kerf version of MK Diamond’s popular Hot Dog blade. The unique “J” cooling slots deliver fast, “chip free” cutting of porcelain tile and other hard dense materials.
Rim Height 8mm

  • 10" (254mm) .060" 1" 166967
TX-40 Tile & Stone

TX-40 delivers what you’d expect from a top of the line diamond blade. This is MK Diamond’s very best for cutting tile & stone. From marble to granite, you can count on the TX-40 to get the job done. The thicker blade kerf and high rim height makes it the ideal choice for jobs that require miter cutting.
Rim Height 10mm

  • 10" (254mm) .080" 1" 166968
TX-50 Glass

TX-50 is simply the best all around glass blade on the market. This diamond matrix formulation for cutting glass produces consistent results time after time. Often glass cutting requires regular “dressing” to remove debris from the rim of the blade. Use of a MK Diamond dressing stone (#152792) will help you get the best performance and life from your TX-50 blade.
Rim Height 7mm

  • 10" (254mm) .060" 1" 166969
TX-60 Masonry

TX-60 is ideally suited for all kinds of masonry materials. This continuous rim "turbo style" diamond blade produces fast, clean cuts and maximizes the power and versatility of your TX-3 saw.
Rim Height 10mm

  • 10" (254mm) .090" 1" 167317