MK Diamond

MK Diamond is an American family tradition since 1868
MK Diamond’s line of tile saws and diamond blades are engineered for versatility, durability, and the precision cutting of tile and marble. Whether you are a Do-it-yourselfer, Contractor or Tile Professional, MK Diamond has the tools to get the job done right.


Flush Cut Tile Blades


Standard grade flush cutting blades for tile & concrete. Depressed center allows for cutting flush to vertical/horizontal surfaces.
Segment Height 7mm

  • 4" (102mm) .080" 7/8"-5/8" 158821
  • 5" (127mm) .080" 7/8"-5/8" 158822
  • 7" (178mm) .080" 7/8"-5/8" 158823

Flush cutting turbo rim blades for tile, stone and cocrete. MK-925FC adapter required to mount on 5/8"-11 arbor shafts.
Rim Height 10mm

  • 4" (102mm) .080" 20mm w/4 holes 159200
  • 5" (127mm) .080" 20mm w/4 holes 159475
  • 7" (178mm) .090" 20mm w/4 holes 159201
MK-925FC Adapter
Adapts blades with 20mm/4 hole arbors for mounting on 5/8"-11 arbor shafts. Available with M-14 thread.
5/8"-11 159232