MK Diamond

MK Diamond’s Stone Products are designed to meet the demands of the tile and stone craftsman. Our full line of bridge saws, diamond blades, grinding, milling and polishing products give you the tools you need to achieve professional quality results.
A world leader in manufacturing diamond blades and tools for cutting ceramics, masonry, stone, tile, concrete and asphalt MK's products are known for their superior quality and performance.


Stone Blades

Continuous Rim - Wet Cutting Blades
MK-200, MK-215, MK-225, MK-315, MK-333JB, MK-415, QE2
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Segmented Rim - Wet Cutting Blades
MK-62G, MK-62GSL, MK-62GSL-P, MK-62GSPV, MK-62M, MK-62MSL, MK-62MSL-P
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Dry Cutting Blades
MK-205, MK-250GXC, MK-250GXT, MK-304CR, MK-404CR, MKS-935D, MK-925DSLX, MK-T-Segment Turbo
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