Pumping and Spraying Machines

Four new grout pumps were added to the line-up – Step-up 120 (3 phase), Step-up 120a, Koine 35, Koine 4. The first 2 are available, the last 2 will be available shortly.

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Imer makes a complete line of muti-purpose pumping and spraying machines.


Pumping, Spraying and Mixing Machines

Small 50
Mighty Small 50
The only 110v pump made that can really get the job done day in and day out on a wide variety of job pages
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Tuck Pointing Machine
Small 50 Tuck Pointing
The TP (Tuck Pointer) is made to be used for slower less voluminous applications such as pointing.
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Step Up 120
Step-Up 120
An all in one pump and spray machine, even the mixer is built into the system
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Silent 300
Silent 300 Prestige
The Silent 300 is a self-contained mixing, pumping and spraying machine.
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Booster 15
Booster 15
Twin hydraulic piston pumps from 2.5 to 20 cubic yards per hour.
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