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Silent 300 Prestige
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Silent 300 Prestige
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Silent 300 Prestige
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Silent 300 Prestige

High Performance Screw and Stator Pump

Finally a high performance screw and stator pump that does it all! The Silent 300 can mix up 6 cu. ft. of material, while the hopper supplies the pump the previous batch of material. That’s right - mix and pump at the same time! If the application requires spraying, no problem, just fire up the on board compressor. And to top it all off, clean up has never been easier as the Silent 300 comes with its own pressure washing system. Mix, pump, apply, clean up, and go! Modern Technology and Old School Quality at its finest.


1106030 Silent 300 Prestige Pump, Spray, Mixer

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Silent 300

High Performance Screw and Stator Pump

The Silent 300 (Prestige) is a self-contained mixing, pumping and spraying machine. The heart of the Silent 300 is a Kohler / Lombardini 3 cylinder industrial duty diesel motor, this power plant is indestructible! The diesel motor powers an all hydraulic drive system, which also includes its own cyclone intercooler to keep the hydraulic fluid nice and cool. The combination of a powerful motor and a well designed hydraulic system means that the Silent 300 Prestige can mix, pump, and spray all at the same time.

The hydro-electric controls are linked together by an onboard computer which greatly simplifies operating the pump, and also provides a LED diagnostic read out panel to assist with any maintenance issues. The controls are all at your finger tips…operators get the hang of this pump real fast!

The Silent 300 Prestige has been successfully used on a number of high profile bridge deck repair projects. Because the Silent 300 can pump material up to a bridge’s underbelly, significant cost savings are realized, and the disruption of traffic is minimized.

Choose the Silent 300 Prestige for pumping grouts, concrete with small aggregate, block filling, spraying mortars, fireproofing, underlayment’s and general pumping needs.

The Details

  • Manufacturer: Imer
  • Brand: Imer
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 1106030
  • Model: Silent 300 Prestige
  • Motor Kohler / Lombardini 3 cyl.
  • Horsepower 20
  • Pumping system 2L6 rotor/stator
  • Flow rate 0 - 15 GPM or 4.5 CYPH
  • Max. pumping pressure 580 PSI
  • Max. aggregate size 1/4" std. 3/8” w / options
  • Pipe outlet 50 mm
  • Hopper capacity 8 CF
  • Mixer batch output 6 CF
  • Mixer system Integrated hydraulic drive/dump
  • Compressor output 14 CFM @ 45 PSI
  • Weight (palletized) 1,590 (1,800) Lbs.
  • OPERATING DIMENSIONS (palletized) Length 132" (103") Width 53" (60") Height 54" (60")