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A range of mixers for the professional, rental and home owners.  Multi-Mixers are quality, portable, mixers which mix mortar as well as concrete.  Mortar mixers feature vertical shaft technology and are available in two portable models and two tow behind models. They range in batch capacity from a 1/2 to 27 cubic feet.
Barrel Multi-Mixers Concrete and Mortar Mixers
The Multi-Mixer is a rotating barrel style mixer that mixes not only concrete, but also mortar and stucco. There are many brands of barrel mixer available, but only Imer features a patented and specially designed drum interior that allows very quick and thorough mixing of these materials. Because of their speed, aggressive mixing action, and multi use capability, the MultiMixers are very efficient and cost effective. A 12CF Multi-Mixer can mix 800lbs of concrete in just 5 minutes. The MultiMixers are available in portable, wheelbarrow, and tow behind styles. They range in size from 5 to 12 cubic feet, and are designed for mixing concrete, mortar, stucco, or grout.
Vertical Shaft Mortar Mixers
Imer's Mortar Mixers feature vertical shaft technology and are available in two portable models and two tow behind models. They range in batch capacity from a 1/2 to 27 cubic feet. Since 1992 IMER USA has worked to bring the Vertical Shaft Mixer into the market dominated by the old technology horizontal shaft mixers. The VSM Mixer offers tremendous advantages in the areas of batch size, mixing speed, reduced maintenance and safety.


The fastest mixers available today are the Mortarman vertical shaft machines from IMER U.S.A.  The horizontal sweeping action, combined with the free spinning trident paddles, delivers fast and thorough mixing along with rapid and complete discharge.  Available mixing torque is tremendous; pre-blending a full batch of dry material is no problem. The lower the slump, the stiffer the mud, the better our mixers perform! 


There is not one zerk fitting to grease or bearing to pack in our entire line of vertical shaft mixers.  The drive systems are fully enclosed in an oil bath. There are no daily maintenance procedures, service the mixer when the job's completed -- it's that easy! 

Operator Safety

Today's jobsite is a whirl of activities. This environment demands proactive safety measures to ensure government regulations are satisfied. Imer’s contribution is the industry's first safety interlock system.  Raise the production grate, and the motor stops. 


Concrete and Mortar Mixers

Minuteman II
Minuteman II

The World's Finest Portable Multi-Mixer
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Wheelman II
5 CF Wheelbarrow Style Mixer makes 200 lbs of material 2 cu. ft. per batch.
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Workman II
Two of the most advanced barrel style mixers available. Workman II 250 and 350.
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Mini Mix 60
The Mini Mix 60 is a light weight all purpose bucket mixer designed to take the place of a drill motor and a 5 gallon bucket.
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Mortarman 120

The 120 is designed for easy transport by one person.
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Mortarman 120+
Mortarman 360
The Mortarman 360 can mix large quantities of dry pack.
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Power Options
Mortarman 750
The Mortarman 750 Mini Batch Plant is the ultimate mixer for dry pack, grouts, thin sets, stucco, self-leveling materials and oh yeah, mortar.
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