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IMER USA Prices Effective March 1, 2016:

Gas powered masonry saws were discontinued in 2015.

You will see too that we have only one large size 20" masonry saw. It is the all new Masonry 750 Little Beast. It works really well with a wide variety of blade diameters, from a standard 20" to a super grande 30" blade. Now one saw can be used for cutting standard brick and blocks, oversized precast concrete pieces and softer stones like limestone, sandstone, and blue stone. To make sure the Little Beast has plenty of power an all new 7.5 h.p. 220v single phase motor has been developed. The standard 7.5 h.p. 3 phase motor is still available too. All these new features allow the Little Beast to do a lot more than your standard 20" masonry saw!

Imer 2015 Some quick notes:

The Small 50’s are now in an easier to understand setup where you can put the units in to categories with the accessories for the specific applications. Example: Small 50 for fire-proofing setup, Small 50 for tuck pointing, etc. Four new grout pumps were added to the line-up – Step-up 120 (3 phase), Step-up 120a, Koine 35, Koine 4. The first 2 are available, the last 2 will be available once we are properly trained on the units this winter. images soon. The Masonry 700 was replaced with a Masonry 750 which is now available in single or 3 phase. The Masonry 900 was replaced with a Masonry 1000 Added the diamond blades New Terra saw has been added. Images shortly The Masonry 500 series is no longer available

Mixers, Saws, Grout Pumps
IMER USA is committed to delivering outstanding quality in both the design and construction of our products and to delivering solutions that really work in helping solve your problems.


  • For Imer parts please call Imer direct at 800-275-5463
  • Additional charges apply for all shipments to California and Maryland.
  • Contact us for quotes
  • Freight is to a commercial address which usually requires a forklift or loading dock with pallet truck.
  • Residential and liftgate deliveries are extra.
  • Freight Damage: Upon acceptance by the carrier they assume responsibility for it’s safe arrival. Should you receive our shipment in a damaged condition, apparent or concealed, claim for damage must be made with the carrier.
  • Apparent Loss or Damage: Should visual inspection upon receipt of this shipment show loss or damage, it must be noted on the freight bill or delivery receipt. Failure to do this will result in the carrier refusing to honor the claim.
  • Concealed Damage: When damage is not apparent until equipment is unpacked, then a claim for concealed damage is entered. When damage is discovered the carrier should be contacted immediately. Keep all packaging materials for possible carrier inspection.

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Imer Saws
Imer Mixers
Multimixers and verticle shaft mortar mixers
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Imer Saws
Imer Saws
Porcelain, tile, stone, birck, block and masonry saws
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Imer Saws
Pumping & Spraying Machines
Grout pumping and spraying machines, tuck pointing machines, shotcrete etc.
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High reach articulated boom lifts
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The Pull-Up series of hoists is a heavy duty line of exterior scaffold hoists used to lift and lower materials up and down. 
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Diamond Blades
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Ezee Clean
Mortar and Concrete Dissolver
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