Carry 107 Tracked Transporter
Carry 107 Tracked Transporter
Carry 107 TT Loads and Dumps
Loads and Dumps
Carry 107 TT Optional Plow
Optional Plow
Carry 107 TT Plow Attachment
Plow Attachment
Carry 107 TT Mixer Attachment
Optional Mixer
Carry 107 TT Mixer Attachment
Mixer Attachment
Carry 107 TT Attachment
Easy Attachment
Carry 107 TT Self Loading
Self Loading
Carry 107 TT Controls
Easy Control
Carry 107 TT Downhill
Handles Steeps
Carry 107 TT Uphill
Uphill Too
Carry 107 TT Front View
Carry 107TT Front

Carry 107 TT

Track Transporter Scoop It, Load It, and Dump It anywhere! At 31" Wide it can fit through most doors.


Carry 107TT #5220210101

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USD 12,499.00

Carry 107TT
Tracked Transporter

Load N' Go w/8hp Honda, elec start, self loading shovel & dump hopper.

Load it up and go most anywhere with the all new Carry 107 TT. Brought to you by IHIMER, a joint venture that works for you! With its full length undercarriage, large case hardened drive sprockets, and 4 track rollers per side, the Carry 107 TT is ready to move out on most any terrain. The control console is a simple and straight forward affair. The layout and feel of the joystick controls is very intuitive, operators become comfortable running the Carry 107 TT in no time. Standard equipment includes the self-loading shovel and the 11.5 cu.ft. dump hopper. Cleaning up around the jobsite is now fast n’ easy, and requires only one worker. Additionally, the Carry 107 TT has a two speed transmission. A high torque low speed for transporting loads over rough terrain, and a higher speed range for transport across flat even terrain.

The Details

  • Manufacturer: Imer
  • Brand: Imer USA
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 5220210101
  • Model: Carry 107 TT
  • ToolLines sku: IM Carry107TT
  • Hopper payload capacity 1500 lbs.
  • Hopper volume capacity 11.5 cu. ft.
  • Weight w/hopper + self-loading shovel 1350 lbs. / 1500 palletized
  • Width 31"
  • Length w/bucket + operator footplate up 67"
  • Ground clearance 4"
  • Turning radius 36"
  • Engine w/electric start 8 h.p. Honda
  • Aux. Hydraulic power take-off 3 ¾ g.p.m
  • OPERATING DIMENSIONS (palletized) Length - bucket up / bucket down 60" / 80" Height 56" / 44.5" Width 28" 32"