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Combat the rise in community-acquired infections such as Ebola, Enterovirus D68, colds, the flu, that are among the growing list of public outbreaks with the latest innovative technologies for sanitation from Hudson®.

Hudson is the most trusted sprayer for public health solutions.

The 2014 Ebola outbreak - largest in history. At Hudson®, we are advocates for public health programs which remove the threat to life and human well being. For over 65 years our sprayers have been used in programs around the world to eradicate disease.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in conjunction with the World Health Organization, has developed a set of guidelines to help prevent and control the spread of Ebola. These new guidelines recommend the use of EPA-registered disinfectants for surface disinfection in hospital settings to help prevent the spread of the Ebola virus.

Hudson® makes application of these approved disinfectants possible with a complete line of professional sprayers suitable for total room disinfection and/or spot treatment.

Non-polio enteroviruses like EV-D68 can be spread through close contact with an infected person or indirectly by touching contaminated surfaces or objects then touching your mouth, nose or eyes.


Infection Control Equipment

Hudson Beach Solutions Sprayer is ideal for diluted bleach solutions.
Dure-Tuf™ Chemical resitant hose, 12" curved poly spray wand for accurate spplications, adjustable cone nozzle and a high performance pump with a handle that accomodates gloves. A measuring cup for accurate bleach dilution is included.
HDH #90011
Regulator™ Bak-Pak® Sprayer is the fastest way to carry and spray large amounts of disinfectant.
The Regulator features a non-leaking uni body contoured tank with left or right hand spraying and chemical resistant poly straps. The strong 18" brass curved wand has a brass Tee-Jet® fan nozzels for optimal spraying of flat surfaces.
HDH #93594
Tek® Hand Sprayer with Foam Action
Designed for quick accessibility for spraying disinfectants and spot treatment sanitation. This heavy duty hand sprayer is great for small janitorial and sanitation jobs. The foaming accessory kit is included.
HDH #99142
Foam-a-Matic™ Sprayer applies chemicals on target without running off
Spraying foam cleaners and sanitizers allows for a more effective and powerful cleaning with a longer cleaning time.
HDH #90192
NeverPump™ Battery Operated Sprayer is Ideal for bigger jobs with professional grade features.
Rapid AC Charger completely charges battery in nine hours and shuts off automatically once complete. Extra large fill opening prevents spills and features screen filter. Includes four bonus nozzles: flat fan, cone, dual cone, & adjustable long distance stream-fog/mist. Braided power style hose and extra long 20" spray wand make for easy application
HDH #13854

Disease Vector Control Compression Sprayer Sprays a wide range of chemicals Viton® seals Stable, 6-footed translucent poly tank with large funnel top Kem-Oil™ 48" chemical resistant, braided power sprayer style hose Large, comfortable poly Thrustless™ control valve with in-line filter 18" fiberglass / poly spray wand Locking pressure release valve Poly nozzle fitting with brass TeeJet® nozzle (8001). Red CF Valve® (98662V) included Adjustable black strap (152-843) included HPP™ High Performance Pump with glove-sized comfort grip handle 1 year warranty
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  • 90133 DVC™ Public Health Sprayer 3 gal / 11 liter
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