91183A Heavy-Duty Acetone Sprayer

H.D. Hudson Heavy-Duty Acetone Sprayer #91183A

91183A Heavy-Duty Acetone Sprayer 2.75 gal / 10.4 liter

Heavy-Duty Acetone Sprayer

For use with Acetone based stains & sealers

The all-new Hudson Heavy-Duty Acetone sprayer (Model 91183A) is designed and built specifically for use with Acetone based products, perfect for today's sealers and stains. It features all EPDM seals and gaskets which are resistant to Acetone.  This professional grade poly sprayer is designed for use with Acetone based product only.

The Heavy-Duty Acetone Sprayer is equipped with superior features offering benefits to make your job quicker and easier.  This sprayer is the newest addition to the Hudson Professional Division.

Featuring EPDM seals and gaskets to resist Acetone, a 48" Goodyear® Horizon® sprayer style hose, brass Thrustless™ control valve and two professional style nozzles, both a Tee-Jet® flat fan and an extra adjustable flat fan nozzle attached to sprayer hose, for spraying thinner liquids.  With a strong, curved 18" bendable brass wand, locking pressure release valve, and an HPP™ High Performance Pump with comfort grip glove-sized handle, the Heavy-Duty Acetone sprayer is as ideal for stains and sealers with decorative concrete and deck & fence application as it is for sidewalks, patios, and many other surfaces.

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  • White translucent poly tank; with Pressure Relief Valve
  • All EPDM seals and gaskets
  • 48" Goodyear® Horizon™ sprayer style hose
  • Bendable, strong curved 18" brass wand with Tee-Jet® style 8004E flat fan nozzle
  • Extra adjustable flat fan nozzle attached to sprayer hose, for spraying thinner liquids
  • Brass Thrustless™ control valve, lasts longer, shuts off quickly
  • HPP™ High Performance Pump with glove-sized handle
  • 1 Year Warranty



91183A Heavy-Duty 2.75 gal / 10.4 liter Acetone Sprayer Instructions

91183A Heavy-Duty 2.75 gal / 10.4 liter Acetone Sprayer Schematics


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