Fiskars is a leading brand that provides functional, user-friendly and lasting design solutions for hand tools and beyond.

Established in 1649, Fiskars is the oldest company in Finland. We have worked with tools, cutting and steel forging ever since we first started operating 360 years ago.

ToolLines carries Fiskars Gardening and Yard products for landscaping and trailbuilding.

Fiskars Warrantee

Call the Fiskars Warranty line directly at 866-348-5661. Or file an on-line claim at: You must have proof of claims (pictures). Also, the warranty is printed on the packaging material.


Our Products

powergear pruner
PowerGear® Pruning Tools
Gears amplify power in the middle of the cut
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Axes & Striking Tools
Chopping, Splitting and Striking Tools
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hand pruner
Hand Pruners
Cut branches and stems
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garden snip shears
Garden Snips & Shears
Trim flowers, plants and herbs
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Cut tree and shrub branches
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quantum pruner
Quantum™ Pruning Tools
Avant-garde Scandinavian style
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hedge shear
Hedge & Grass Shears
Trim hedges, shrubs and borders
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tree pruner
Tree Pruners & Saws
Cut thick and hard-to-reach branches
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Lightweight, long-handle designs
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Easy, permanent weed removal
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Shovels & Cultivating Tools
Long-handle shovels and cultivating tools
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hand planter
Planting Hand Tools & Accessories
Planting and cultivating tools
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reel mower
StaySharp™ Reel Mowers
Reel Mowers
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rain barrel
Rain Barrels & Accessories
Rain barrels
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Composting bins
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Garden Bags & Storage
Gardening clean up containers
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New Forestry Tools
Move logs and firewood with Fiskars Forestry Tools
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Replacement Parts & Tool Care
Blades, parts and tool care
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