Imer Wheelman Wheelbarrow Multi-Mixer

Imer Wheelman Multi-Mixer

Wheelman II

Available in both gas (1105426) and electric (1105421) models.
Freight paid to a commercial address in the continental US.

Wheelman II Electric $729.00
Wheelman II 3HP Honda $999.00

  • 5 CF Wheelbarrow Style Mixer makes 200 lbs of material  2 cu. ft. per batch. 
  • Removable drum allows loading and unloading by just one person.
  • Direct drive gearbox - No belts to tighten, no bearings to grease, absolutely the most reliable drive system available today!
  • Great power, full 1/2 hp 110v 6 amp fully enclosed motor, runs perfect off any household outlet. 
  • Easy to move around, construction duty 14" tires make the Wheelman a breeze to roll around the jobsite or home. 
  • Fast and efficient mixing, the computer engineered paddle and drum design, thoroughly mixes up to 250 lbs of concrete, mortar, stucco, grout or wall mud. 
  • Gas powered version available. 
  • Optional stand available. 
  • Wheelman Electric Manual
  • Wheelman Electric Wiring Diagram
  • Wheelman Gas Manual

Wheelman Accessories

Wheelman Stand

Wheelman Stand 1105490 $418.25


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