Belle Mini Dumper
Belle Mini Dumper
BMD Optional Flatbed
BMD Optional Flatbed

MiniDumper BMD

Walk Behind 4-Wheel Drive Power Buggy

BMD 300

Belle Minidumper

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Pedestrian, motorized, 4-wheel drive mini dumper. 5.5 HP Honda, 3.72 mph, 4.7 cu ft capacity.

The BMD motorized pedestrian 4-wheel drive Minidumper is designed for loading and transporting with speed, greater flexibility and maneuverability. It can accommodate all kind of loads, on any terrain, for various applications in construction as well as in landscaping and agricultural work.

The Details

  • Manufacturer: Altrad
  • Brand: Belle
  • Manufacturer Part Number: BMD01
  • Model: BMD 300
  • ToolLines sku: BG BMD 300


Pedestrian, motorized, 4-wheel drive mini dumper. 5.5 HP Honda, 3.72 mph, 4.7 cu ft capacity.

The BMD300 uses a Honda GXV160 (5.5hp, 4kW) as standard on all the dumpers compared to the look alike competitor which uses a GCV160 as standard, however due to Carb Tier 3 emissions which were introduced on the 1st January 2007 the GCV160 will only be suitable for machines sold in the European Union. With using a GXV160 engine there is a large cost increase to the finished machine. The warranty period of the 2 types of engines can be seen in the table below

Engine Non-Commercial use Commercial/Rental Go-Kart
GX/GXV/GD 24 24 3
GS/GSV 24 12 N/A
GC/GCV 24 3 N/A
GX22/GX25/GX31/GX35/GXH50/GXV50 24 12 N/A

The BMD300 uses same size wheels all the way round the machine, (not including the friction wheel) so that if you want to keep a spare tire in the case of a puncture only one type has to be kept in stock compared to the MT where the front and rear wheels are different sizes. With all the 4 main wheels been interchangeable this allows different tire options to be put on all 4 corners of the machine, compared to other machines on the market where different wheels cannot be fitted on the rear due to different fixing methods. When changing the tires this can be done with ease in less than 3 minutes by moving the friction wheel levers into the service position, and changing the tire followed reapplying the pressure. In comparison to other machines where all 3 tires all the tires have to be deflated before a tire can be changed.


The BMD300 offers a full 12 month warranty while the MT only offers a 90 day warranty when used in the commercial sector or 12 months for consumers

On the BMD300 a remote tank is a standard this is situated under the engine cowl and can filled with ease from the top console of the machine. The capacity of the remote fuel tank is 2.5litres (0.66 US gal) compared to the GCV engine with a capacity of 1.1litres (0.29 US gal) and the GXV capacity of 2.0litres (0.52 US gal). The BMD300 also includes 2 fuel filters 1 of which is in the fuel tank and the second being an in-line filter ensuring no contamination will enter the carburetor.

The BMD300 also includes a lifting eye which is situated between the skip and handles at the point of the centre of gravity (COG) of the machine. The dumper also includes strapping points for when moving the machine on the back of vehicles.

The BMD300 has 90litre (23.77 US Gal) water level capacity and a 134litre (35.39 US Gal) heaped capacity with a 300kg (661lbs) skip capacity. Other similar machines on the market have water levels of 80litres (21.13 US Gal) and heaped capacity of 169litre (44.88 US Gal) and a maximum skip weight of 250Kg. To compensate for the extra weight extra bearings are added this can be seen in point 7.

With the machine going over rough ground extra bearings are added at (Position A) this is to ensure maximum support for the axle.

BMD Bearings

Component protection:

With the dumper exposed to all conditions protection for all key components is essential, and are all included as standard on the machines these include transmission support plate this ensures that no damage can occur to the aluminium housing of the transmission this can be seen in the figure 2 below while other machines on the market have no protection at all.

BMD Protection Plate

Additionally a belly plate is put on the under side of the machine, this ensures all the key components on the underside of the dumper are protected from dirt this can be seen in figure 3 below. If the maintenance is required it is easily accessible by removing 6 x M8 screws

BMD Belly Plate

Speeds: The BMD300 gives 4 forward gear and 1 reverse these offer speeds of between 99.8 meters/min (3.7mph, 5.98kph) in the forward gears and a maximum speed 43.3 meters/min (1.6mph, 2.5kph). The throttle also gives a greater variable speed for reducing and increasing the speed of the dumper over different terrain.

The size of the mini dumper is also very critical point with it being 1588mm (62.5 inches) this will fit into most vans across the width allowing space for other tools, and under 720mm (28.34 inches) wide and will fit through the most standard doorways.

One of the biggest features of the mini dumper is the strength of the chassis which has been deigned and tested to last in the Rental sector, as with all other components on the dumper. Features of the chassis include a 2.5mm thick steel with strengthening plates in the key areas where high stresses occur. By comparison see figure 4 below where it shows failures of a competitor’s machine at low hours.

Muck Truck Chassis Damage


  • Strong heavy duty design and tipping mechanism, the BMD can easily handle loads of up to 661 lb with ease of controls
  • Climbing ability of up to 38° inclines Usable in 2 or 4 wheel drive modes
  • Ergonomic and in combination with speed and large productivity, the product can allow a multitude of applications 28", ideal for small spaces, its dimensions allow passage through doorways and in confined spaces
  • Easy to move around, when turning or working on slopes
  • Gearbox with 4 forward gears. Also equipped with reverse gear and disc brakes
  • 4 x Multipurpose tires
  • Faster, more flexible than a track driven dumper
  • Quick changeover to flatbed mode
  • Loading ramp available as an option, foldable and easily transportable
  • High grade components conforming to latest quality standards.
  • Designed to the latest European health and safety standards
  • User and service friendly, maximize operator productivity
  • Engine positioned to allow easy access and service. The HONDA industrial engine GXV160 / 5.5 Hp, is to the latest anti-pollution standards.
  • Equipped with parking disc brake for total operator security
  • Center wheel engaging 4 wheel drive when loaded on rough terrain
  • The lower position of the skip permits fast tipping with no strain or operator fatigue
  • Perfectly balanced when working with full load
  • All 4 wheels are identical and easy to replace
  • Additional bearings to support axle and strengthening plate
  • Bottom protection plate to avoid damage by stones
  • Reduced maintenance
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