Lightweight 320X plate compactor
Lightweight 320X

Lightweight 320X

Extra light weight plate compactor only weighs 108lbs



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Lightweight 320X

Lightweight Forward Plate Compactor

ALTRAD Belle’s Light Weight, Single Direction Vibration Plate is suitable for a multitude of applications: soil and asphalt compaction. This product is specially designed for confi ned areas of granular soil in narrow trenches, interlocking blocks, footpath construction and maintenance, trenches and pipelines, sportsgrounds, landscaping and groundwork engineering.

The Details

  • Manufacturer: Altrad
  • Brand: Belle
  • Manufacturer Part Number: ELX3201
  • Model: Lightweight 320X
  • ToolLines sku: BG ELX3201
  • Ultra compact design
  • Removable operating handle for easy storage, handle folds very low as diagram shows
  • Front and rear lift handles
  • 0.31 inch thick plate
  • 3HP Honda GX100 Engine
  • 12.6"x14.3" Plate
  • 0.6 PSI Static Pressure
  • 2472 lbf Centrifugal Force
  • 75 ft/min. Travel
  • Vibration 9.51 ft/sec
  • 108 lbs.