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Pro 600X
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Pro 900
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Pro 1200

Belle Power Trowels

Pro 900/1200 Series Power Trowels


PT1277 Pro 1200 46" Trowel 11 HP C/W screw handle

PT997 Pro 900 36" Trowel 5.5HP C/W screw handle

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36 and 46 inch
Power Trowels

Powered by Honda

Designed to provide contractors with the features and performance they need. These machines are used for long periods so the Pro Trowel gives improved operator comfort and easy control. Smooth running helps achieve a high quality finish.

Pro 600X Honda MT01 4.0HP 24" Troweling Diameter 50-115rpm Troweling Speed 24"W x 36.5"L x 59"H 116lbs. Has been discontinued.

Pro 900 Honda PT977 5.5HP 36" Troweling Diameter 65-131rpm Trowleing Speed 39"W x 40"L x 83"H 220 lbs.

Pro 1200 Honda PT1277 11.0HP 46" Troweling Diameter 65-131 rpm Troweling Speed 47"W x 40"L x 87"H 275 lbs.

The Details

  • Manufacturer: Altrad
  • Brand: Belle
  • Manufacturer Part Number: PT1277, MT01, PT997
  • Model: Pro 1200, Pro 600X, Pro 900
  • ToolLines sku: BG PT1277, BG MT01, BG PT997
  • Designed for continuous use on large floors
  • Chrome finish
  • Advanced drive belt gives constant power
  • Heavy duty gearbox
  • Accurate screw adjusted pitch control
  • Engine cut out switch
  • Complete with a set of combination blades for immediate on site working. (Finish blades and pan on PRO 600)
  • Central lift point
PRO 600X - 24" Ideal for small areas, up to walls and through doorways. Comes complete with pan, folding handle and screwpitch. has been discontinued


  • Trowel Blades and Discs
  • 945/99518 24" Finish Blade
  • 140-60-927 24" Float Pan
  • WX614F 36" Finish Blade
  • WX814C 36" Combination Blade
  • WX1014FL 36" Float Blade
  • 364767 24" Float Pan
  • WX618F 46" Finish Blade
  • WX818C 46" Combination Blade
  • WX1018FL 46" Float Blade
  • WX Blade Bolt Kit (pack of 8 blade bolts) (not 24")
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